Advanced Social Listening


Spotlight Influencers

A crucial part of influencer marketing is determining actual results. When working with social influencers you need data to quantify the success of each campaign. The ability to segment within Monitors Enterprise gives you access to the real-time data you need to make business driving decisions, saving countless hours in manually tracking and compiling each and every mention across the various social networks.

Identify Opportunities

Whether you’re a content creator or marketing analyst, you can appreciate the challenge of effectively tracking the distribution and performance of content. With Monitors Enterprise, you can easily identify the sentiment, spread, and reach of each piece of content, broken down by channel, and in the aggregate. You can also compare how well multiple pieces of content do over time.

Monitor Campaigns

Each new marketing initiative is an investment in time and resources. The planning and creation phases of new campaigns often suffer from the time-suck needed to distribute, monitor, and report on existing campaigns.

NUVI customers are free from the heavy lifting of wrangling all the data from multiple channels, organizing it, making sense of it, and creating manual reports for each and every campaign. With side-by-side comparisons, you can easily visualize and understand your social data.

Segments reduces the time and effort you’re spending on collecting, analyzing and reporting campaign performance data, so you can focus more time on planning and creating new campaigns.


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