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Discover and interact with potential customers.
Strengthen customer loyalty by focusing on their interests
Shape the conversation around your brand/industry
Improve customer service eff?orts and results through real-time alerts

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is today’s fastest-growing customer acquisition channel, and a hot topic in nearly any marketing strategy conversation. For those new to influencer marketing, it can be tempting to throw a huge chunk of their budget to a celebrity or “macro” influencer, because of their large audience. While these macro-influencers have a large following and can, in theory, reach a vast audience with a single post, they charge exorbitant fees and typically see lower audience engagement rates. On the other hand, micro influencers, with a fraction of the audience size and lower bill rates, give brands the ability to reach specific consumers more accurately and tend to see higher engagement rates than their larger competitors. With NUVI, you can identify both macro and micro-influencers among your consumer base, with insights into their audience and influence, leading to more eective partnerships and greater ROI from your Influencer Marketing efforts.

Nuvi + KFC

Using NUVI’s real-time alerts, KFC increased response time to influencer posts by 80%


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