Social Media Alone Will Not Save You

There are commercials you fast forward through, and commercials you stop and watch. The company has established a certain voice, a sense of humor, a personality. They feel as familiar as an old friend and can be just as depended upon to make you laugh, or at least smile. And then… a scandal hits. Actions come to light that do not align with how the company presented itself. And no amount of savvy marketing can save it from the inevitable fallout.

It has become clear by this point that social media must be an integral part of a brand’s 360-degree marketing plan to be truly effective. If customers detect a disconnect between how the brand is perceived offline and how it presents itself across social media platforms, it will be seen as inauthentic and successful engagement will be lacking.

By the same token, if the quality of a company’s products or customer service is subpar, all the great Instagram photos and clever Tweets in the world can’t make up for it. Social media not only gave brands an opportunity to engage with customers, it opened up the floor for the customers to share their feedback. Before the Social Media Era, a customer complaint would be received via phone and remain private between company and consumer. Now, it’s aired out in the open for all to see. So how will you handle it? What can you learn from what your customers are saying? Clever copy and compelling images only go so far; how you treat your customers and what you can offer them is what will really speak volumes about you.

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