Snapchat: Not Just for Selfies Anymore

Not so very long ago, Snapchat started out as a photo-sharing app and quickly became synonymous with narcissistic tendencies. But somewhere in between the countless selfies, geo-tracking stories, and animated overlays, Snapchat has become a legitimate player in the social media world. Over the last year, many national brands have found new and innovative ways to use the app to connect with consumers. Here are just a few who have mastered the Snapchat game:

While GrubHub’s Snapchat success isn’t connected to any one feature, their playful social media personality is well-suited to the platform. On GrubHub’s Snapchat, you can find rough renditions of food drawings, Snapchat stories, contests, and promo codes for discounts. The brand even used Snapchat to recruit and find a summer intern.

McDonald’s is one of the many companies using geofilters to create a custom experience for a consumer in a specific location. Users who want to express their love for the yellow arches can snap a picture and then frame it with the iconic fries raining over their head.

Since Snapchat content has a short lifespan, it makes sense that it would catch on in the fashion industry. Both Rebecca Minkoff and Burberry have provided previews of collections before they hit the runway—a perfect way to engage with fashionistas and build excitement.

As Snapchat evolves, brands continue to discover and utilize its unique features to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. With 100 million daily active users currently on Snapchat, there’s never been a better time to join in.

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