Facebook Reach Declining? It’s Not Just You

If you’re a social coordinator, like myself, then perhaps you have noticed a decline in the organic reach of your Facebook page(s) over the past few months. (See above chart from Statista.)

If you’re like me, then perhaps you just thought you were getting worse at your job. Luckily for us, that is not the case. Facebook recently announced modifications to their news feed algorithm that are the real culprit. These changes are just the most recent in a series of changes that have negatively affected brands’ organic reach over the last few months (beginning approximately in November 2013).

These changes leave brands with very few options when it comes to the success of their page — either allow the numbers to continue to dwindle, or dip into their advertising budget for paid media advertisements and boosted posts.

The direction Facebook is taking for brands is clear — the algorithm is not in favor of most brand pages. What is unclear is Facebook’s motive.

Facebook boasts that all these changes are in the spirit of user experience; they do not want a person’s newsfeed filled with advertisements because it defeats the purpose of Facebook (connecting people). However, it has also been alleged that these modifications are more in the interests of Facebook’s bottom line. A diminished organic reach means marketers will likely have to invest in their brand by purchasing Facebook Ads.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: Marketers and social coordinators alike will need to adjust their strategies to maximize reach.

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