Super Bowl XLVIII: Tweeting With Mittens, Real-Time Responses and Hashtags Galore

Last year, Oreo arguably set the gold standard for the real-time social marketing world with their now-famous blackout tweet. Many brands had social media teams at the ready last night during this year’s Super Bowl, and several took real-time tweeting for a spin.

Twitter and the Super Bowl are beginning to go hand-in-hand, both during the game and during commercial breaks. This year, 58% of all national ads featured a hashtag – up from 50% last year. Throughout the live telecast an estimated 24.9 million tweets were published, beating last year’s record of 24.1 million tweets.

Needless to say, there were ample opportunities for brands to add to the national conversation. Here are some of the highlights.

JC Penny #TweetingWithMittens

If Oreo won last year with the blackout tweet, we dub this year’s winner to be JC Penny. While JC Penny certainly grabbed national attention, the stunt is receiving mixed reviews because for about an hour no one knew exactly what was going on with their account – but we all had a pretty good guess.

At this point, and for the next hour or so, most of the advertising & consumer worlds thought that JC Penny’s tweeter was…well…had one two many. Then came the explanation:

Seizing the moment: Other brands respond to JC Penny

Once JC Penny’s stunt was off and rolling, other brands on Twitter were quick to respond. Some of these were really creative.

Real-time video responses: Tide

If you aired a commercial during the big game last night, you were not immune to Tide’s commentary. Tide responded to a handful of ads last night in real-time with videos posted from Vine & Twitter. Each video went a little something like this:

Honorable Mentions: Audi’s Snapchat, #EsuranceSave30

Audi partnered with The Onion to produce humerous snaps all day on Snapchat on topics “outside the football bubble.”

In the first ad after the final whistle of the Super Bowl, Esurance launched a campaign to give $1.5 million in savings to one lucky viewer – over Twitter. The campaign is still going strong this morning, with #EsuranceSave30 trending on Twitter nationwide.

Is real-time marketing the new standard?

Social marketing has grown substantially in the year since Oreo’s breakout tweet. Some brands have succeeded at jumping onto these opportunities to add to a larger conversation – but others haven’t been so successful. As real-time marketing becomes the new normal, it’s important to ask yourself – is real-time social marketing for you? And if so, do you have the social team to put together creative content clever enough to push through the chatter?

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